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We offer a wide range of services including:

survey researchSurveys, These may be regional or locally based and involve field surveys for planning purposes carried out on behalf of private investors, business entities, Government, NGOs or donor agencies.

Impact AssessmentProject Impact Assessments: Donor or Government funded projects require midterm reviews and impact assessments at the close of the project.

Market ConsultMarket Consulting and Strategic Planning, which involves:

  1. Providing simple business solutions aiming at increasing turnover, reducing costs and improving management reporting tools.
  2. Developing winning business strategies essential to sustaining the competitive advantage in the market place. The consultancy team helps our clients prioritise strategic options and gather consensus on the actions required to achieve their goals.

Sub Sector AnalysisSub Sector Analysis, offers a framework for rapidly evaluating SME dynamics and the prospects for cost-effective interventions. The objective of the assessment is to analyse all the participants and their linkages in order to identify constraints and opportunities. Subsector assessment is a powerful tool for project designers and decision-makers to illustrate where change can have the most significant impact on the economy.

Management support & trainingManagement support and training, in areas of procurement, Information Technology and Customer Care

Market ResearchMarket Research, We carry out market research for both international and local companies. In our market research we focus on the prospects and performance of a firms product in the market and cover a wide range of issues like;

  1. The corporate image of the firm
  2. The nature of customers of the firms product
  3. The perception and use of existing products and needs
  4. Future prospects of new products

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